We create experiences for desktop, mobile and wearables.

We are user experience (UX) specialists, master craftspeople using a digital canvas to tell a story. We are architects, designers, engineers and content creators. As the internet, television and radio continue their mass convergence, we are hard at work defining what the user experience will be for the new digital landscape.

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Projects with purpose.

Our breadth of experience and passion for user experience (UX) comes through in the work that we do. We enjoy collaborating with customers to develop their ideas into unique, engaging experiences. Our focus is bringing innovative ideas to the table and relying on our creative and technical expertise to deliver on a grand scale.


KnockMedia upgraded the course registration system for the Yale School of Architecture. We modernized a two-decade-old excel-based process into a new web app. Student, faculty and administrator experiences feature click and drag schedule-makers, real-time scheduling confirmation and an algorithm that turned a 72 hour manual process into a five (5) second, click-of-a-button process.


Long-time customer The Hilton Garden Inn relies on KnockMedia to oversee their web presence. Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, the lifestyle and landscapes of Northern California became a focal point of the experiences we created for The Hilton over the years. Featuring the community aspect with big and bold content has always been a must. In addition to creating the websites for the Hilton, KnockMedia also oversees the content strategy.


Would you like to know if an old classmate or colleague is living down the street? Attending the same party? Cheering for the same team? Waiting for a flight one gate over? WH@M is a new social networking app that connects you with like-minded individuals that you don’t already know. KnockMedia partnered with a local start-up to bring this iOS app to life.

Share My Aircraft

KnockMedia designed, developed and currently manages ShareMyAircraft.com, an aircraft sharing service. Featuring the first web-based aircraft instructor database searchable by flying speciality, this web app is mobile-responsive with social sign-in and notifications when a plane you like is available at your airport. This new community is changing the game for aircraft ownership.

Revolutionary Integration Group

KnockMedia partnered with this forward-thinking group as they develop applications for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space. Our role has grown from a design resource to a full-stack technology partner assisting with ideation and prototyping apps to designing and building marketing content and websites.